About Animals In Distress

In the 1960's Animals In Distress was founded as a humane organization to care for all animals in need - dogs were housed by Basil Burt, Wilton's dog warden at the time. Cats and other animals were fostered by organization members. By 1975, nature groups were providing for the care of wild animals and the Town of Wilton had created a dog shelter and so Animals In Distress became an organization dedicated exclusively to cats. Animals In Distress settled in the 6'x9' dog shelter's furnace room (to which, thankfully, a window was added). Occupancy was limited to only eight cats, so any overflow, including kittens were placed in foster care.

By 1986, Wilton constructed a new animal shelter behind the Wilton Town Hall where the present day shelter is now located. Now at any given time, Animals In Distress cares for between 20 to 30 cats in the large sunny corner room and kitchen that is The Basil Burt Animal Shelter. With the exception of kittens who are still placed in foster homes, few, if any of our felines live off-site of the shelter.

Animals In Distress is a non-profit organization staffed solely by volunteers who are at the shelter no less than twice a day, every day of the week. Our volunteers participate in the feeding, cleaning and general duties of care associated with providing an environment of love and well being to our residents. =^..^=