Our family has, for as long as I can remember, consisted of two parents, two kids, and many, many animals. The number of pets has changed over the years, but we pretty consistently found ourselves with three to four cats at any one time. After one of our feline friends, Hannah, passed away in November, we were sadly down to two obese, orange kitties. In our state of mourning, we spent a few months in dual feline-dom, but while I was checking your web page, I saw a new cat pop up. I immediately knew from his red hue and rotund frame that Percy belonged in our menagerie. Now, Percy is completely settled in to his new habitat and, although he is still a dainty 21 lbs, he is active, social, and well fed. Here, Sir Percival is doing his best 'Buddha' imitation. He is an absolute delight to have around and we are so happy to have been able to give him a home. Thank you! =^..^=
Paws and hugs,
~ The Eisons